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Aspenia online, recipient of the 2013 Amerigo Award


We would like to thank the Amerigo Association for its generous recognition of our journal. On Thursday, December 12th, Aspenia online received the 2013 Amerigo Award, web site section, during a ceremony at the Library of the Hotel L’Orologio in Florence.

This prestigious award, now in its fifth edition, is presented by the Amerigo Association, located at the US Embassy in Rome, and is a moral recognition for journalists and publications that strive to explain issues pertaining to the United States to an Italian audience.

This is Aspenia online’s first award since it was founded in 2008 and we are truly honored. We would like to thank Vito Cozzoli, President of the National Amerigo Association, Rome; Massimo Cugusi, Secretary General of Amerigo, Cagliari; Antonio Lovascio, journalist and member of the Amerigo Technical Commission; Piero Meucci, journalist and member of the Amerigo Technical Commission and Michele Ricceri, Coordinator of the Florence chapter of Amerigo.

We would also like to thank Sarah Morrison, Consul General of the United States in Florence, for the kind and encouraging words shared during the ceremony.

Finally, we would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate our fellow winners: Gianni Riotta, Special recognition award; Anna Guaita, Il Messaggero, daily newspaper section; Paolo Pagliaro, 9 Colonne, news agency section; Lucio Caracciolo, Limes, journal section; Pino Cicala, Antenna Italia, radio section; Maria Luisa Rossi Hawkins, TV section; Federiga Valabrega, photography section; Giampiero Gramaglia, social network section.

Of course we share this honor and satisfaction with all of Aspenia online’s contributors, especially Valentina Pasquali and Riccardo Pennisi for their invaluable editorial input.

Roberto Menotti, Editor-in-Chief
Jessica Carter, Managing Editor