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The next frontiers: tapping the potential of our economies


The Aspen Institute Italia 2014 World Economy Conference was an opportunity to discuss the state and main trends of the global economy, with special focus on Europe’s troubled recovery, Africa’s growing potential and the prospects of the energy sector. We publish here a series of original contributions on topics related to the state of the world economy.





Tackling global imbalances: a matter of fresh economic thinking
Anatole Kaletsky

Africa’s future and the complex effects of modernization
Walter Russell Mead

The US shale gas revolution and its impact on Europe
James Janoskey

Toward a more balanced global growth?
Emilio Rossi

Il capitalismo di oggi e la fortuna di un libro: Thomas Piketty
Fabrizio Tonello

Oltre la tempesta perfetta: capitalismo intellettuale 2.0
Angelo Deiana