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On the occasion of the presentation of a special edition of Aspenia (issue 69, “Fame zero”) dedicated to food, nutrition, women and global health, Aspenia online publishes this unique dossier with a focus on the interrelated issues of technological innovation and development. These topics were all addressed at The Aspen Forum at Expo in early July at Expo Milan 2015, where this special edition of the journal was presented to the public.

L’albero della vita di Expo 2015: natura e tecnologia
Roberto Menotti

Food security and food waste
a conversation with Dan Glickman

Tecnologie digitali per una nuova cultura alimentare
Sonia Massari

The debate on international development aid: a learning process
Andrea Lapegna

The female voice in science
a conversation with Cristina Alberini

                                                       Women, science and leadership
                                                       a conversation with Ilaria Capua