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Europe’s shifting politics: the challenge of smarter integration


Italy’s Foreign Minister, Federica Mogherini, spoke at the annual Aspen European Dialogue conference dedicated to European politics and external policies. Special attention was devoted to the repercussions of the Ukrainian crisis. We publish here a selection of European and US voices…

Our balanced response to Moscow: international norms and long-term partnership
Federica Mogherini, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs

The post-post Cold War and the US pivot back to Europe
Richard Burt, Managing Director at McLarty Associates. He served as US Ambassador to Germany from 1985-1989 and was a chief negotiator of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty between the US and Russia.


The Crimea crisis and the Iraqi precedent: Realpolitik and hypocrisy
Campbell Craig

Ucraina: il quadro intricato del dopo-Yanukovich
Luca Raso

La Francia stretta fra dissenso e difficoltà economiche
Riccardo Pennisi