international analysis and commentary

About Aspenia online

Aspenia online is much more than the web version of our quarterly journal. Our articles are original, short, to-the-point and published in real time – allowing us to continue the cultural and policy debates opened by the print version of Aspenia.

We view these two outlets as complementary, and our objective is to make them mutually reinforcing. The journals share an interdisciplinary approach to international issues and have a specific focus on the evolution of the US and Europe in the global context.

Aspenia online is a forum where the major themes of current international affairs can be developed in a flexible fashion and in an agile editorial format – with articles averaging about 1,200 words. Our authors include top experts and leaders in foreign affairs, economists and policy makers, along with young emerging voices in these fields.

The articles are published in either Italian or English, allowing us to select content from the best of two worlds. English as a working language has become second nature to our authors and prospective readers, therefore we have decided to disregard language differences by treating them as a fact of (global) life, not a hindrance.

Aspenia online was the recipient of the 2013 Amerigo Award, fifth edition, web site section. The award is presented by the Amerigo Association, located at the US Embassy in Rome, and is a moral recognition for journalists and publications that strive to explain issues pertaining to the United States to an Italian audience.